Beautiful Mountains

Araz Mountains, Iran
Alpamayo in the Cordillera Blanca of the Andes, Peru

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  1. A l o h a ! To you, Asad ~

    While searching for some stuff on Pinterest I came across your board. The layout and simplicity of the page appealed to me but the title was partially obscured and difficult to read. I know you don't want that. Try and change it to a single line so it will become visible.
    The previous comment may or may not be in the cache so , not wanting to repeat myself, I appreciate your effort in creating this board to generate interest from others of like minded spirit. I also am taken with the accomplishments of the tower builders and enjoy collecting images of them. One of the most interesting buildings to inspect is the "Twisting Tower' in Malmo, Sweden. There are many pictures available to see. If possible I'll post one for you to enjoy.

    M a h a l o ~ That's Hawaiian for expressing gratitude.

    ~ p a g e ~